Boozy Pickled Cherries


It’s cherry season! Go get them while you can.

Pickled cherries are one of my favorite pickles. So much so that I created a Sweet Paul column for them last Summer at about this time.

I was reminded recently that in one of my workshops I had promised a recipe for Spirited Cherries. It is a recipe I taught years ago for Ball at a farmers market in Connecticut. I would make all kinds of recipes in the Ball tent – getting market goers to participate and learn how to can. I went through many different recipes during that job, many of them new to me. It was a great way to expose myself to a bunch of different canning recipes and to find out what worked, what I liked, and what I didn’t, and hear what other people thought of the recipes. Participants often went home with a jar, and I would give extras to market workers and vendors who had supplied us with produce. But I always kept one jar for myself to see the results at some later date at home.

These jars served me well in other classes – I often brought them along to show how a proper seal on a jar should look. And every so often, when it pertained to the subject matter, we would open a jar and taste it. We opened the Spirited Cherries during a Canning for Cocktails class I was teaching at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Lucky for y’all, Andrea was persistent about that promised recipe, and I’m finally getting it to you here – just in time for seasonal cherries.

Like I said, go get ’em!

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