Let us help you develop a pickling program for your restaurant. Using a mix of workshop lessons, we can create a workshop series tailored to your restaurant’s flavors. We will come to your kitchen and work with your staff to create pickles that expand your food palette. Our background working in restaurants allows us to create a program unique to your infrastructure: we will figure out what foods in the kitchen might be going to waste that could be utilized in creative ways, where in the kitchen it’s best for you to set up your pickle station, and we will leave you with a manual of instruction that will carry over through staffing changes. Additionally, we can tailor a maintenance program for additional instruction and check-ins on your staff’s progress.



Canning low-acid foods in restaurants requires additional health department oversight. Let us help you maneuver through the recipe development, process scheduling, and organizational maintenance required to create canned products to use in the kitchen or sell to your guests. We will explain all the tools, techniques and follow-up paperwork required to make your dreams of canning your own tomatoes (or hot sauce, chutneys, etc.) for restaurant use a reality.